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Gigaset SL400A Twin Cordless Phone with L410 Clip


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    The slimmest designer phone with highest technology Introducing telephony’s newest pocket-sized design object: the Gigaset SL400A.

    With a genuine metal frame and metal keypad, this home telephone adds a touch of luxury to your home.

    A large colour display in highest quality is easy on the eyes – and its Bluetooth headset connection offers you comfortable conversations.

    Names and numbers of your friends, family and important contacts are easy to manage in the generous address book with space for up to 500 vCard entries.

    And keeping it up-to-date is simple with synchronisation via Bluetooth or mini-USB.

    ECO DECT technology means you use less energy and save money with the Gigaset SL400A – while also reducing radiation.

    The Gigaset SL400A – the slim, pocket-sized phone with cutting-edge features, precious materials and innovative slim design – perfectly fits your home.

     First-class materials: metal frame and keypadOnly the best: the Gigaset SL400A features a genuine metal frame, giving home telephony a high-end aesthetic and luxurious touch.

    The illuminated authentic metal keypad not only looks great – it also helps you find the numbers you need with ease.

    Equipped with the best – inside and out – the Gigaset SL400A reaches new heights in home telephony.

     An answering machine with extra benefits Answering machine with remote playback fully integrated into the base, the answering machine offers 45 minutes recording time.

    Its feature pallet includes a skip-back function for quick repetition of part of a message – and voice announcements of the date and time of the message.

    Just look at the handset’s display to quickly check for new messages – and even use the handset to access them.

    For personal or business calls, record important phone conversations with the answering machine’s call recording feature.

    Benefit from the Gigaset SL400A’s answering machine even when you’re out.

    Remote message retrieval lets you listen to your inbox from an external location.

    Plus, a text message to your mobile notifies you when there’s a new message.

     Customisable colour display Despite its slender stature, the Gigaset SL400A boasts a large 1.

    8” high-resolution TFT colour display, which makes reading and navigating simple.

    Love to personalise things? Upload photos of your friends and family – then assign them to the appropriate telephone numbers.

    Next time they call, the picture caller ID2; feature shows the corresponding photo on the display.

    Alternatively, set uploaded pictures as your screensaver – or use slide show feature for a personal viewing session.

     Focus on your favourites Via expert mode, customise the menu view to include the features you regularly rely on.

    The simplified features’ list makes it easy for you to find the functions you truly use and need every day – and the rest are simply hidden from your sight.

     Store all your contacts There’s plenty of room foreveryone in the Gigaset SL400A’s address book: it has space for up to 500 vCard entries.

    Simply enter in the names and numbers of your circle of friends & family – and they’re at your fingertips when you need them.

     Comfortable Bluetooth features From a headset connection to address book updates, the Gigaset SL400A’s Bluetooth® technology keeps you connected.

    With the Bluetooth headset connection, just connect your compatible headset and savour the comfort of hands-free calls.

    Enjoy effortless synchronisation via Bluetooth or mini-USB to keep your address book current.

    More phoning pleasureLengthy calls are easy on the Gigaset SL400A.

    It has a generous talk time of up to 14 hours and a standby time of up to 230 hours.

    Select from four hands-free options for flexible calling in brilliant sound quality.

    Personalise the sound of your Gigaset SL400A by selecting the ringtone that fits your style – or select the handset’s vibracall feature, which vibrates to indicate an incoming call.

    ECO DECT: Pure energy savings and radiation-free The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset SL400A consumes less electricity, so it’s kinder to the environment, and kinder to your wallet.

    Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart.

    You can also reduce the transmitting power of the Gigaset SL400A’s base station by 80% simply by selecting the ECO Mode.

    Furthermore, radiation-free ECO Mode Plus turns off the transmitting power when the phone is in standby.

     The Gigaset L410 follows these changes in users’ telephone behavior.

    They can move around in the home or office in complete freedom, interact and do things that need to be done on the side.

    A powerful loudspeaker in the handsfree clip ensures excellent voice quality.

    The Gigaset L410 has a clear philosophy: It is easy to operate – from installation to everyday use.

    The clip is registered with the base station like any other cordless phone.

    When a call is received, it rings at the same time as all the other handsets registered at the station.

    In developing the Gigaset L410, the designers and engineers paid particular attention to ease of use: A call can be taken and ended using just the clip’s large multifunctional key.

    Users can transfer a call from another cordless phone or join an ongoing call to set up a three-way conference.

     Perfect sound and clear indicators  The Gigaset L410 also has a rocker key to adjust the volume of the loudspeaker and ringtone.

    An LED shows the current status of the device and visually indicates incoming calls.

    With its clear user guidance and functional design, the Gigaset L410 captured the coveted and prestigious red dot design award 2011.

    Although extremely light at just 30 grams, the Gigaset L410 has great endurance.

    When it is fully charged, the handsfree clip offers a talk time of up to five hours and a standby time of as much as 120 hours.

    The Gigaset L410 is fully recharged in less than 2.

    5 hours in its separate station ADDITIONAL HANDSET FOR THIS PHONE  The correct additional handset for this phone is available here.

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